Did God Make People Lactose Intolerant?

Did God Make People Lactose Intolerant?

Last week Answers in Genesis featured an old article on their website, entitled “Milk-Digestion Gene Disabled, Evolution Proved?” The article states that “All humans are able to digest milk from birth; the mutations allowing lifelong lactose tolerance don’t “add” any new ability; they merely cause a malfunction in the automatic shutdown of lactose digestion in […]

Pascal’s Santa

Pascal’s Santa

I don’t know if I ever really believed in Santa. I’m sure like all children I once didn’t understand the difference between real and make-believe, so I probably did believe then, assuming I was capable of understanding the concept at all. But from my earliest memories I understood him to be make-believe. It wasn’t that […]

Will the AI of the Future be Creationist?

While delving into all of the online discussions about the emerging AI models this year, I stumbled upon a concerning trend. Among the sources I typically align with, there’s a common concern about the potential displacement of human jobs by machines Which makes sense, after all, given that the people I follow online are by […]

Fasold’s Cubit

In my last post I left out one proposed cubit size, because it deserves its own post. Not because it’s particularly different or influential, but because it amuses me that David Fasold may be the first person to perform a silly mathemagic trick on himself and be astounded! David Fasold was a marine salvage expert […]

How Big Was A Cubit?

The first task in figuring out the feasibility of Noah’s Ark is finding the size of the boat. This seems like it should be a simple question to answer if you believe the Bible is literally true, because the dimensions of the Ark are one of the few details spelled out in the Bible: “The […]


So as I mentioned in my last post, I threw the wafer outside because I thought it was smelly. The wafer turned out not to be the source of the smell anyway, so that was a waste. Moving it made the wafer break up and sink a bit. The red stopped growing and turning deeper […]

Not Quite What I was Expecting

I thought this one was going to go at least as red as the one in December, and maybe I’d even get a nice fully red one like Buenos Aires 1994. Instead it went like Buenos Aires 1996 with lots of other stuff growing on it. Including something bright yellow. It’s also the first one […]

Any Requests for a New Red Wafer?

It’s subtle, but this wafer is just slightly pink over most of the surface. Probably nothing you would notice if you were just checking on it in a dark tabernacle. But it’s growing Serratia. Which means I expect it to be nicely red in a couple days, maybe even with the dark gooey clots after […]

Why do they keep finding communion wafers have AB blood type if it’s not blood?

This question only confuses people because they think that if something gives any result on a blood type test it must be human blood. But that is not the case. To quote Tesoriero’s current favourite specialist, Dr Zugibe, “[I]t is well known that false positives are common in typing ancient blood due to many factors, […]

Would Bacteria Disintegrate or Crumble?

I’ve read many quotes from experts saying that the instances where the communion wafer has been dried out, such as Buenos Aires 1994 or the ones from Poland, could not be bacteria or fungi because if it was it would disintegrate or crumble or lose its colour when it dried out. However, none of these […]