I’ve never had an “about” section before because the question “who am I” tends to result in more of an existential crisis than interesting writing.

I think what most people want to know is if I have any relevant qualifications, and the short answer to that is no. My university degree is in electrical engineering, because my parents wanted me to be employable. I work in infrastructure. It pays well but is extremely boring, and I have no desire to write about it in my time off. I had some courses on what are now hot subjects like neural networks, large language models and quantum computers back in University, but I graduated in 2007 when the fields were in their infancy, and a lot has changed while I’ve been busy powering light bulbs and poop pumps.

The topic where my work experience is most relevant would be the logistics of Noah’s Ark. My company does work in water and wastewater systems, wood framed structures, heating, ventilation and air conditioning and lighting, and of course general experience with design and construction. I have also volunteered for some zoos and aquariums where I learned a lot about animal husbandry.

Biology is my husband’s area. He has a Ph.D, and some patience for my questions.

I’m Canadian. I’ve lived in Edmonton, Toronto and Vancouver. I travel a lot. I’ve been to over 60 countries and intend to visit more in the coming years. That’s often the original source of my curiosity in a subject.

My opinions are my own and have absolutely nothing to do with organizations I work and/or volunteer for, which will remain unnamed.

I’m not a big fan of social media, and where I have accounts they are often neglected. The best way to contact me is to leave a comment. I review all comments before they are posted, so if you don’t want your comment to appear online, write that in the comment and I can respond by e-mail without approving it.