Part of Ken Ham’s racism talk “one blood, one race” includes stating that he believes Adam and Eve were created “middle brown” in skin colour. He further brags that the Creation Museum depicts this by showing Adam and Eve as “middle brown” in skin tone.

I had heard this speech many times before I visited the Creation Museum, so I was startled when I first visited to learn what Ken Ham thinks “middle brown” is. The Adam and Eve manikins at the Creation Museum are whiter than I am. In fact, they seem to be inviting the comparison to “lily white”.

Adam and Eve at the Creation Museum

The reason that Ken Ham gives for Adam and Eve being middle brown is that Adam and Eve were the ancestors of all of the current human races, and thus must have been loaded by God with the genetic information to produce all of the diversity seen in modern humans. Therefore, they must have had copies of genes for both light skin and dark skin, which he presumes would give them a skin colour halfway in between.

In reality, that’s almost never how genetics works. In most cases where an organism is heterozygous (has two different copies (alleles) of a gene), one is dominant. So the organism will not get features halfway in between, they will have the features associated with the dominant allele.

Furthermore, if God was preloading the original pair with the maximum amount of diversity, you would expect Adam to have two alleles and Eve to have two other completely different alleles, so Adam and Eve would look completely different. The same should be true of all of the animals on the Ark, if each pair contained all of the genetic diversity required to produce an entire family or even order of modern species, you would expect the male and female to look very different. And yet every pair depicted on the Ark Encounter could practically be twins. None of the statues shown are even sexually dimorphic, which seems unlikely unless God was sending same-sex couples. And as for Adam and Eve, if they were the ancestors of Neanderthals and Homo erectus too shouldn’t at least one of them lack a forehead?

The other obvious problem with Ken’s logic is that we have plenty of scientific studies on the origin of skin colour variation, and it’s quite clear that white skin is produced through mutations that reduce the body’s ability to produce melanin. That’s the problem Dr. DeWitt discusses in today’s article in Answers In Depth , where he concludes that Adam and Eve probably did have dark skin.

Now will the Creation Museum be updating their models of Adam and Eve? I highly doubt it. I doubt they will even post the article anywhere people can comment. And that says a lot about AIG’s real stance on racism. One of their scientists just concluded that the skin colour God chose for his original, perfectly created humans was black, and that white skin is actually the result of sin. What stronger argument could you make against Christian racism and people who believe black skin comes from the “curse of Ham”? After a year of articles and videos insisting that they are not racist and that their theology is the key to defeating racism, you’d think they’d be publicizing this information on every media channel they have. But they won’t, because they will only ever oppose racism in ways that pose no challenge to their racist supporters in any way.