The fourth session of the Alpha course was pretty unmemorable, and I don’t have much for notes. The topic was “how can I have faith”, and the answer in the video was essentially that faith is just trust, and we can’t live without trust, so you have to have faith. And faith is based on evidence. So, you have to have faith in God because of all of the evidence they have already presented for God! I don’t remember them presenting any evidence for God, so it must have all been in the session I missed. That must have been an impressive 25-minute talk! It’s sure weird that I watched that talk years ago and don’t remember any of it!

The only other note I have about the video is that they said God is knocking on your heart, which is a weird and disturbing metaphor.

The first question was “what kind of club would you start or join?” I don’t know what that has to do with anything, and no one at the else seemed to either. I have since looked up the Alpha Course question book, and the one they were using is not the one currently on the Alpha website. I don’t know if the one they were using was old or what, but it had some really weird questions. Anyway, we eventually ignored the questions and talked generally about faith. But I don’t remember anything particularly interesting.

Sorry for the boring post. I missed the next two sessions after this one, “Why and how do I pray” and “Why and how should I read the Bible”. I do have some things to say about session 7 – “How does God guide us” which I will talk about next week.