Sex Tip from the Ark Encounter Conference

The most common question I get when people find out I went to the “Embracing God’s Design for Sexuality” conference at the Ark Encounter is “Did you get any good sex tips?” For a conference on sex, the speakers actually said very little about sex. Even when they talked about sex within a heterosexual marriage, […]

T-Rex Didn’t Fit on the Ark!

This is a bit of a diversion from Missed the Ark Monday. As you can probably tell from last week, I’m getting a bit bored. I’m not running out of discrepancies in the Ark Encounter list, but posts about obscure extinct animals not being on a long list of animals just aren’t all that interesting. […]

All the Tuatara’s Relatives Missed the Ark

The one living species of tuatara, Sphenodon punctatus, is on the Ark list. It is the only kind listed as a single species. That presumably means that it’s the only species that belongs to that kind! I have no idea why this species would deserve this distinction. The paper classifying the extant ark kinds notes […]

Could God have used Evolution?

The new exhibit at the creation museum includes a sign, “Did God use Evolution?” which asks the following question: “Could God have used evolution? God is holy and loving and tells us that death is an enemy. So how could He create all life using a process like evolution, a philosophy of death that requires […]

New Creation Museum Exhibit

Answers in Genesis posted a walkthrough of one of the new exhibits at the Creation Museum. The exhibit is based on Ken Ham’s book The Lie. I believe it’s in the area that used to portray the evils they attribute to belief in evolution. It had a wrecking ball labelled “millions of years” knocking down […]

Protarchaeopteryx and Caudipteryx Made the Ark as a Reptiles – Not birds!

On the Ark Encounter poster, the families Protarchaeopteridae and Caudipteryidae are found on the list of Ark Kinds, but both are classified as reptiles. This is interesting because Answers in Genesis has repeatedly discussed these creatures, and I certainly got the impression they saw them as flightless birds. Their earliest article on the subject, posted […]

Not Only Evangelical Christians Reject Evolution

The majority of the literature aiming to harmonize a literal Biblical account of Noah’s Ark with modern science comes from well-funded Christian groups in English speaking countries. These groups (AIG, CMI, ICR) all require all staff and authors of articles submitted to their journals to sign statements of faith that exclude non-Christians, Catholics, and Mormons, […]

How do they know it’s Cheating?

A recent article on the Answers in Genesis website discusses a study on cheating. The researchers went to a rural village in Guatemala before the harvest (when people were most likely to be running out of money) and recruited farmers to participate in a study. The farmers were given a die in a cup with […]

Messelornithids Missed the Ark!

Messelornithids are one of the best represented bird species in the fossil record. We have hundreds of preserved specimens, many of them preserving the full body and even details like stomach contents. Yet they seem to be inexplicably unpopular. Not only are they missing from the Ark Encounter’s list of extinct bird kinds, but I […]

Why Noah’s Ark?

When first encountering Young Earth Creationist literature, most people wonder why they seem to have such an obsession with Noah’s Ark. Even among Christians, the flood account is not discussed much outside of the Young Earth community. The Bible is a very long book, and the 3 chapters about the flood barely take up a […]