All the Tuatara’s Relatives Missed the Ark

The one living species of tuatara, Sphenodon punctatus, is on the Ark list. It is the only kind listed as a single species. That presumably means that it’s the only species that belongs to that kind! I have no idea why this species would deserve this distinction. The paper classifying the extant ark kinds notes […]

Could God have used Evolution?

The new exhibit at the creation museum includes a sign, “Did God use Evolution?” which asks the following question: “Could God have used evolution? God is holy and loving and tells us that death is an enemy. So how could He create all life using a process like evolution, a philosophy of death that requires […]

New Creation Museum Exhibit

Answers in Genesis posted a walkthrough of one of the new exhibits at the Creation Museum. The exhibit is based on Ken Ham’s book The Lie. I believe it’s in the area that used to portray the evils they attribute to belief in evolution. It had a wrecking ball labelled “millions of years” knocking down […]

Not Only Evangelical Christians Reject Evolution

The majority of the literature aiming to harmonize a literal Biblical account of Noah’s Ark with modern science comes from well-funded Christian groups in English speaking countries. These groups (AIG, CMI, ICR) all require all staff and authors of articles submitted to their journals to sign statements of faith that exclude non-Christians, Catholics, and Mormons, […]

Why Noah’s Ark?

When first encountering Young Earth Creationist literature, most people wonder why they seem to have such an obsession with Noah’s Ark. Even among Christians, the flood account is not discussed much outside of the Young Earth community. The Bible is a very long book, and the 3 chapters about the flood barely take up a […]