Illustration of Fruitafossor by Nobu Tamura ( [CC BY 3.0 (]

This little guy was about the size of a chipmunk, so two of them would not have taken up very much space on the Ark anyway. He was an insectivore and appears highly adapted for eating termites out of their mounds. Termite mounds would obviously have been problematic to store on the Ark, but presumably Noah could have found a suitable alternative. Therefore I don’t think Fruitafossor was left off of the Ark Encounter poster due to difficulty keeping him onboard the Ark.

However he was left off of the list. This is probably because he is not currently assigned to a family, so he was not found on whatever list of mammal families Ark Encounter used in their “research”. Although we have a relatively complete skeleton of Fruitafossor, we have very few specimens of mammals from the Jurassic, when he was alive. Thus his relatives are unknown, which makes it impossible for scientists to try to classify him.

Of course, this should not affect Creation Scientists. If God created all kinds separately, it should not be an issue that Fruitafossor doesn’t seem to have any close relatives. The only question should be if he fits into any of the known kinds, which he clearly doesn’t, so he must be a new kind. Which means there should have been two of them on the Ark Encounter.