3 Days

I’ve seen some recent interviews with Tesoriero where he says that the scientists examining his rotten communion wafer found that the heart tissue was from 3 days after a heart attack because Jesus was resurrected after 3 days. There are a couple of issues with this I would like to address. Is 3 Days Really […]


Chris Downey is an antivaxer I’ve been idly following for a couple of years, partially because I expected him to take off during the pandemic, which never really happened. He was formerly with NVIC, then he created his own organization, VaxCalc Labs. He was bragging about creating this chatbot and seemed pretty excited, so I […]

Ken Ham’s Children’s Books

These are my favourite lines from Ken Ham’s children’s books. I will always be surprised how blunt the books for young children are. Do they really need to cover murder, incest and the apocalypse in preschool? There’s a reason there are no secular history books entitled “H is for Holocaust” and “P is for Plague”! And […]

Josh McDowell and Mummy Masks – 10 years Later

Josh McDowell and Mummy Masks – 10 years Later

Many years ago, someone sent me this video of Josh McDowell from March 2013. I suspected a lot of it was going to turn out to be embarrassing, so I made a note to look back on it in 10 years. I was expecting most of the documents would turn out to be much later […]

New Testament Papyri Before the 4th Century

Several times in the past years I’ve wished for a good visual representation of what early New Testament manuscripts actually cover. But I’ve never seen one anywhere. I finally decided to try to make one. I also wanted to highlight significant variations and be able to calculate some statistics. Here they are: Aren’t they beautiful? […]

I Examine a Cardiologist Examining Jesus

Right now I’m reading A Cardiologist Examines Jesus: The Stunning Science Behind Eucharistic Miracles by Dr. Franco Serafini. I have a habit of starting things and never finishing them so they sit as notes on my computer forever unpublished. So, I’m going to try publishing my notes as I go. Keep in mind that I […]

Mount St. Helen’s Radioactive Dating

I’ve been hoping to visit Mount St. Helens this summer if we ever get a weekend when it’s not either raining or hot enough that I’m concerned about my shoes melting walking on volcanic rock. So I’ve been reading a bit about YEC Steve Austin’s research out there. I had done a bit of research […]


I’m going to be making some changes to this site over the next few weeks. I had basically abandoned the site over a year ago, but I’m trying to come back to it. I’ve been thinking hard about what I want this site to be, and I’m still not sure how to lay it all […]

AIG finally says Adam and Eve were black!

Part of Ken Ham’s racism talk “one blood, one race” includes stating that he believes Adam and Eve were created “middle brown” in skin colour. He further brags that the Creation Museum depicts this by showing Adam and Eve as “middle brown” in skin tone. I had heard this speech many times before I visited […]

A Miraculous Fungi

Years ago, I read about a “miracle” in Poland in which a consecrated communion wafer was supposedly turned into heart muscle.   At the time what caught my eye was that there were a lot of specific details given of this “miracle”, including extensive quotes from the scientists that studied the material.  This is not typical […]