AIG finally says Adam and Eve were black!

Part of Ken Ham’s racism talk “one blood, one race” includes stating that he believes Adam and Eve were created “middle brown” in skin colour. He further brags that the Creation Museum depicts this by showing Adam and Eve as “middle brown” in skin tone. I had heard this speech many times before I visited […]

A Miraculous Fungi

Years ago, I read about a “miracle” in Poland in which a consecrated communion wafer was supposedly turned into heart muscle.   At the time what caught my eye was that there were a lot of specific details given of this “miracle”, including extensive quotes from the scientists that studied the material.  This is not typical […]

ICR says Squamates are a single kind!

A recent article from the Institute for Creation Research (ICR) says that the order Squamata (snakes and lizards) was a single created kind.  I hear almost daily now that Creationists agree that the kind for vertebrates generally corresponds to the family level. Thus, I would expect a declaration like that to be accompanied by vigorous […]

My Understanding of Catholic Saints

I am not Catholic. I was not raised Catholic. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a Catholic church for a purpose other than a wedding or tourism. I say this as a disclaimer, because much of what I’m writing here may well be inaccurate, though hopefully not as inaccurate as the article I am […]

Natural Selection According to Young Earth Creationists

It seems I’m going to have multiple rants about this talk by the Answers in Genesis Zookeeper, Karina Altman. This time, I’m interested in her discussion of natural selection. She chooses to use “examples within the frog community”: The red-eyed tree frog, which is adapted to living in rainforests The desert rain frog, which is […]

Answers in Genesis Favours the NIV When Convenient?

I recently purchased the Answers in Genesis Creation Apologetics Master Class. I’ve had my eye on these courses for a while, and they recently put a bundle on sale for $20, so I thought I’d try it. This was a mistake. I was assuming  that these courses contained more in-depth content that could not be […]

Are Californians Hypocrites?

The Institute for Family Studies recently put out a paper entitled State of Contradiction: Progressive Family Culture, Traditional Family Structure in California. They are trying to resolve what they see as a contradiction: California, home of progressive values, has a higher percentage of children with parents married to each other than the US average. They […]

The Empty Tomb

It’s Easter again, along with another flurry of people asking about the empty tomb. This is a slightly modified version of a post I made years ago on another blog, but I’m going to repost it now. The argument goes that Roman and/or Jewish authorities could easily have quashed Christianity’s claims of the resurrection by […]

What I Expected to Hear at the Ark Encounter Sex Conference

The main topic I expected to hear about at the sex conference was public washrooms. In the weeks leading up to the conference washrooms were a common topic on Answers in Genesis’s then-biweekly program Answers News, usually bills either explicitly allowing or forbidding trans people from using the washroom designated for people sharing their identity, […]

Sex Tip from the Ark Encounter Conference

The most common question I get when people find out I went to the “Embracing God’s Design for Sexuality” conference at the Ark Encounter is “Did you get any good sex tips?” For a conference on sex, the speakers actually said very little about sex. Even when they talked about sex within a heterosexual marriage, […]