T-Rex Didn’t Fit on the Ark!

T-Rex Didn’t Fit on the Ark!

This is a bit of a diversion from Missed the Ark Monday. As you can probably tell from last week, I’m getting a bit bored. I’m not running out of discrepancies in the Ark Encounter list, but posts about obscure extinct animals not being on a long list of animals just aren’t all that interesting. […]

Alpha – How can I have faith?

The fourth session of the Alpha course was pretty unmemorable, and I don’t have much for notes. The topic was “how can I have faith”, and the answer in the video was essentially that faith is just trust, and we can’t live without trust, so you have to have faith. And faith is based on […]

The Tombstone Monster Missed the Ark!

The Tombstone Monster Missed the Ark!

One question that’s important to the estimates of the number of Ark Kinds is how many extinct kinds are there that we haven’t discovered yet? Paleontological discoveries of entirely new vertebrate families are rare, and although most paleontologists would tell you there are likely many extinct families we don’t know about, they would be basing […]

Aristotle’s Manuscripts

I’m taking another course at the church where I took the Alpha Course. This Wednesday was on the proof for the existence of Jesus. The course handout has a fill-in-the-blank outline, and I like to fill in the blanks beforehand to see how many I get right. This week’s had a table for the dates […]


This week I wanted to talk a bit more about forgiveness, which was the topic of the Alpha Course for week 3. By the end of the night I had three perspectives on forgiveness: Forgiveness is simply letting go of past hurt so you can move on. (From the people at my table). Forgiveness is […]

All the Tuatara’s Relatives Missed the Ark

All the Tuatara’s Relatives Missed the Ark

The one living species of tuatara, Sphenodon punctatus, is on the Ark list. It is the only kind listed as a single species. That presumably means that it’s the only species that belongs to that kind! I have no idea why this species would deserve this distinction. The paper classifying the extant ark kinds notes […]

Could God have used Evolution?

The new exhibit at the creation museum includes a sign, “Did God use Evolution?” which asks the following question: “Could God have used evolution? God is holy and loving and tells us that death is an enemy. So how could He create all life using a process like evolution, a philosophy of death that requires […]

Alpha – Why Did Jesus Die?

I unfortunately had to miss the second session of Alpha, so this was the third session. Today I went through my notes trying to remember this session, but I was completely stumped. My calendar clearly says I attended this session, but I have no memory of talking about why Jesus died. And I don’t have […]

Basal Species Made the Ark

As mentioned in the previous post, when making my list of Ark Encounter Kinds my methodology consisted entirely of coming up with a list of land vertebrate families. One of the main challenges I ran into is that a lot of extinct species that have not been assigned to families. The Linnaean system of classification, […]

Already Gone

It is difficult to find good quality studies on the prevalence of Young Earth Creationist views specifically, even in the USA. Most surveys only ask people about their acceptance of evolution. I want to know how many people believe that the Earth and everything on it were created, as is, in the last 10,000 years. […]